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Vette update

At rest

YES! The red devil is back on the road, or as my daughter calls it – Betty. I think that is an appropriate name considering the car’s era and sexiness factor. I put the Corvette back on the road last Thursday and it is doing well. It needs a few tanks of gas run through it before I fiddle with the tuning anymore. It did get a minor tune while at the shop since they replaced the rotten fuel tank, flushed out the fuel lines, replaced the fuel pump and rebuilt the carburetor. Speaking of which it has been a while since I have driven a carbureted car and I am TOTALLY spoiled by fuel injection. Just getting the beast started is a process and then keeping it running for those first thirty seconds or so is a PAIN!

Otherwise after eighty miles or so things are holding well together and are what I expected. It goes like stink, your ass is about four inches off the ground and it feels like you are sitting in a hole looking up at the sun and it rides like a seventies sports car – rough.

Just checking things out

Just checking things out

Tomorrow I plan to get some more miles on it as the new tires need to be scrubbed in along with finding out any issues that might arise which is a good possibility since the car has been sitting for so long although I did find out that it was totally rebuilt from the ground up at 48K.

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