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My next project…a 1973 Corvette

Yes a bright red corvette for that matter, something I never expected to stumble upon but I have and it will be sitting in my garage soon. Instead of getting it and then spending the next two years getting it running I am going to have it gone over by a corvette shop to get it on the street then I will take care of the rest.


On the way to the shop

Miglia red basassery

C3 front

First order of business is new tires as the vette has been sitting for six plus years without a thing being done to it, it was started for the first time last weekend by me. Needless to say it idled rough and had to be coaxed along to stay running at anything past idle speed.

Remember when you were a kid, cars still had carburetors and you had to “feather” the gas? Yup that is what I am talking about. A little nostalgia never hurt anyone.


08/08/2014 · 12:45