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Basement training

By basement training I mean sitting on your bike in the basement or wherever it is you set up bike plus trainer, pounding away at then imaginary miles while trying to mentally be anywhere but your current situation.

It may sound odd but this is a positive thing, yes, you are on the trainer with short-term and long-term goals in mind while your brain is trying and sometimes succeeding in going to your happy place. Anyone who has done this knows exactly what I am talking about. Your first season on the trainer you look forward to it the most part because it often gets you ahead of the game when hitting the road with your teammates early in the season. You can of course overdo it and become a “Spring sensation,” but I don’t know too many people that kill it on the trainer and still have their sanity – well maybe one but all he does is ride his bike, eat, work and sleep but he is driven by a different force than the rest of us.

Later seasons on the trainer tend to be pure torture because you know damn well you have to do it if you want to be more than pack-fodder come race season or even at your next group ride. Which of course, whenever the leader says it’s going to be an easy, base ride, you just have to laugh because ten minutes into the ride the attacks begin and before you know it your easy group ride turned into the usual dick-swinging contest on the bike.

Why do you do it then? Because you don’t want to be that guy, that’s why.


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