Another Crossfit update

OK now I know for sure…kipping pull ups are not for me. Yes I could use practice but numerous injuries on my shoulder makes me cringe before I do them and I have jacked it up again. No lifting over my head for a while, I can’t even do a back squat with my arms behind my head because it tightens up and hurts like a mother. Regular pull ups with a band assist are what I will be doing in the future.
I have also learned that doing Crossfit two days in a row is not a good idea. I was sticking to every other day and that was working. Two days in a row is a beat down! Back to biking on the odd days and Crossfit on the even days so I don’t break the body down too fast that it cannot recover.

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Practice makes perfect

Of course you have to actually practice. Some of these lifts in Crossfit are kicking my ass to say the least and making my body feel more beat up than it should. Maybe it is the pace of the workouts, or perhaps actual weight-lifting, of which I have been lacking for years. Heading in this PM as I was in Monday morning but the heavy squats and then WOD took it out of me. My hip is bugging the crap out of me along with my lower back acting up. To help with that I have begun going back to the chiropractor as of last week. Been there twice already and he has put me on a weekly schedule for the time being. I hope, no it will help.

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What the ?

Crossfit is cruising along fine after yet another setback, not Crossfit induced 😉 I injured my lower back due to bike racing and a lack of core strength and it came back to haunt me the other day!@#$!

I just can’t seem to win lately, well the past two years. Is there some truth to the fact that once you turn forty that your body starts going haywire? I don’t know as I have heard various arguments for that when you turn 30, 40, 50, etc. Either way I know my body has changed and keeping up with the twenty year-olds take more time and especially more rest!

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Minor setback

So no Crossfit for the next two weeks as I had surgery on my leg. Nothing huge but sutures and stitches do not need to be yanked out at this time. Hell I cannot walk right yet much less run, bike or beat myself into the ground with Crossfit.
All the more reason to work hard when I recover. It just sucks as I am making progress and slowly figuring all the exercises out. Thanks to Robby@Alpine Crossfit for working with me!

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Note to self

When you are so tired lifting because the WOD is kicking your a$$ make sure you throw the bar far enough in front of you so as not to take a chunk out of your nose.
That is all

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Crossfit…in progress

A long overdue update.
So halfway through my initial membership to Crossfit at Alpine Crossfit I am slowly figuring things out though I am having to ask for the finer points for all the Olympic weight-lifting exercises. Now I know why I skipped them all those years of lifting, they are hard and a pain to get right, oh yeah and pretty easy to injure yourself as I was throwing down the bar yesterday I took a little bit of skin off my nose. YEAH FOR ME!
Today is a rest day as my shoulders are a little tender and my back has complained a bit. I am just not ready to do two days in a row just yet, too many years spent on the bike and not lifting/throwing the iron around.

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Crossfit foundations class is complete!

I am now officially ready to begin Crossfit training without being handheld!
I am both excited and anxious to start my first week of workouts beginning tomorrow. The plan is to hit they gym three times a week before work and see how the body feels. It will just be a matter of getting to bed early and getting up early for 5:30 AM workouts, brutal!
The Olympics lifts are the only piece that I have learned so far that worry me a little as I have very little experience with these as I tended to avoid them in my earlier days as that was what the big, fat stinky power lifters did! Just kidding guys but you have to admit that A LOT of power lifters you see in the gym tend to be short, round and how shall I say it…stout.
Tomorrow here I come. I hope I don’t puke my guts out during or after the WOD!

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