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Simpler is better

It seems like such an innocuous title but there is so much more to it. In todays world it seems we have more distractions than ever and even activities that used to be simple now take an inordinate amount of time to setup because of the technicality of our everyday life.

My take over the past few years is that simpler is better. The term that is battered about a lot – KISS(Keep it simple stupid) is there for a reason – because it works. These days seems like many try to baffle you with BS and their liberal usage of the latest terms they read on Facebook or a magazine. Do they know what those works mean much of the time? I doubt it after many discussions. It reminds me of a history professor I had and when we had debates and there were always certain kids who liked to throw around large words you had rarely, if ever, heard of before that. They would come up and pretty much the whole class would just be line what? That’s when he would swoop in and ask them what they meant by their usage and the definition of the word. BOOM! I think he received fewer answers than you would think.

Which leads us to close with another term – think before you open to your mouth.

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Basement training

By basement training I mean sitting on your bike in the basement or wherever it is you set up bike plus trainer, pounding away at then imaginary miles while trying to mentally be anywhere but your current situation.

It may sound odd but this is a positive thing, yes, you are on the trainer with short-term and long-term goals in mind while your brain is trying and sometimes succeeding in going to your happy place. Anyone who has done this knows exactly what I am talking about. Your first season on the trainer you look forward to it the most part because it often gets you ahead of the game when hitting the road with your teammates early in the season. You can of course overdo it and become a “Spring sensation,” but I don’t know too many people that kill it on the trainer and still have their sanity – well maybe one but all he does is ride his bike, eat, work and sleep but he is driven by a different force than the rest of us.

Later seasons on the trainer tend to be pure torture because you know damn well you have to do it if you want to be more than pack-fodder come race season or even at your next group ride. Which of course, whenever the leader says it’s going to be an easy, base ride, you just have to laugh because ten minutes into the ride the attacks begin and before you know it your easy group ride turned into the usual dick-swinging contest on the bike.

Why do you do it then? Because you don’t want to be that guy, that’s why.


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Motley exercise

So I have not gone to a box in about a month. You know what? I miss the camaraderie but I have to say that I have been getting good workouts in on my own, short and intense. I definitely see the benefits of group training and believe it to be one important piece in improving your fitness and overall health, both physically and mentally. Especially when it comes to working through a plateau or learning something new that you are having problems with.

However I don’t feel that the group is necessary for most facets of taking care of personal fitness. A person that is motivated is going to do it whether or not there is a person yelling at you to complete that last rep. Yes I know some of you will say that having somebody there to get you to complete whatever movement you are doing is essential and I beg to differ.

You want it? You will find a way to do it, END OF STORY.

Remember set goals and stick to them, that is what helped me a lot and I mean by setting realistic goals and taking baby steps to get where you are going.


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Crossfit foundations class is complete!

I am now officially ready to begin Crossfit training without being handheld!
I am both excited and anxious to start my first week of workouts beginning tomorrow. The plan is to hit they gym three times a week before work and see how the body feels. It will just be a matter of getting to bed early and getting up early for 5:30 AM workouts, brutal!
The Olympics lifts are the only piece that I have learned so far that worry me a little as I have very little experience with these as I tended to avoid them in my earlier days as that was what the big, fat stinky power lifters did! Just kidding guys but you have to admit that A LOT of power lifters you see in the gym tend to be short, round and how shall I say it…stout.
Tomorrow here I come. I hope I don’t puke my guts out during or after the WOD!

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I have made the decision(finally!) to get serious with Crossfit. The last two years and the injuries I have incurred have made me realize that I have become too specialized in my exercise regime. I love cycling and am not stopping but need more variety in order to become more fit for it and overall. The gym I started at, Alpine Crossfit, requires you to take their Foundation class which basically shows you the basic movements which you must master before they let you loose in the gym. This makes sense as in my younger days when I lifted a lot I stayed away from the Olympics movements and all the herking and jerking around. Well now I get to master them as I do not want to jack myself up and they will help improve my overall fitness. It is definitely going to take some practice but I am enjoying it and am definitely feeling muscles I have not used in a long time letting me know that they are a little sore from the work.
More to come in later posts đŸ˜‰

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What makes a person pick what they do or rather why they pick one activity over another? Activities can always be replaced or picked up again at a later date. Family and friends cannot – at least not without a lot of work. Always make sure your priorities are correct. You only have one family – do not neglect it. Jobs come and go – family is with you forever.
If my point has not been made already let me drive it home – family is your number one priority with your friends being second. Hobbies, activities, whatever you want to call them, come and go, jobs change, life throws you a curve ball, these are events at which many times you have no control over. Pick your battles wisely and your family will have your back.

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Goal setting

I came to the realization a while ago that 2014 would be the right time for me to jump back into bike racing. I am beginning to get my fitness back and mentally I am becoming stronger. I have been doing a fair amount of reading on the mental side and am beginning to put some new habits and attitudes in place. It has taken me many years, too many, to grasp goal-setting when it comes to what you want to achieve. Of course you can say you will do something but unless you make a goal, write it down, stick to the plan, and oftentimes make sacrifices, well you will never get there.

Now I am working on my goals for the rest of this year and learning a lot. A pen and pad of paper are my friends.

1) Decide what I want
2) Decide when I want it
3) List the pay-value – why do I want it?
4) Determine the obstacles in the way
5) What is my plan to get the goal?
6) Ask some important questions
7) Schedule my plan
8) Start now
9) Never reach a goal without first setting another one
10) NEVER, NEVER quit!

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