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Crossfit Open

I suck!

 Prospect Crossfit standings

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Back in the saddle

Just like it says – today was the first time in over a month where my ass was on my road bike for all of fifteen miles. It doesn’t sound like much but between the back issues and busted up ribs over the past six weeks this is a move in the right direction. I think you would call it progress.

Now there was no hauling ass today, just a cruise around Lakewood and Denver. On my travels through a hipster neighborhood – the Highlands in Denver, I came across an interesting gym – CrossFit Cuspis. I ended up talking to Spencer who was manning a laptop by the door, actually I was surprised to see a CrossFit gym open in the middle of the day. Usually they are open in the AM for the crack of morning crowd and then the after work crowd. Any who looks like they might be a good place to get a lunch workout in and work on my rusty CrossFit skill repertoire.

This weekend there is a CrossFit workout lined up for me but that will be done on my own in order to not look like a bumbling uncoordinated fool among hardcore CrossFitters.


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