Simpler is better

It seems like such an innocuous title but there is so much more to it. In todays world it seems we have more distractions than ever and even activities that used to be simple now take an inordinate amount of time to setup because of the technicality of our everyday life.

My take over the past few years is that simpler is better. The term that is battered about a lot – KISS(Keep it simple stupid) is there for a reason – because it works. These days seems like many try to baffle you with BS and their liberal usage of the latest terms they read on Facebook or a magazine. Do they know what those works mean much of the time? I doubt it after many discussions. It reminds me of a history professor I had and when we had debates and there were always certain kids who liked to throw around large words you had rarely, if ever, heard of before that. They would come up and pretty much the whole class would just be line what? That’s when he would swoop in and ask them what they meant by their usage and the definition of the word. BOOM! I think he received fewer answers than you would think.

Which leads us to close with another term – think before you open to your mouth.


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