Motley exercise

So I have not gone to a box in about a month. You know what? I miss the camaraderie but I have to say that I have been getting good workouts in on my own, short and intense. I definitely see the benefits of group training and believe it to be one important piece in improving your fitness and overall health, both physically and mentally. Especially when it comes to working through a plateau or learning something new that you are having problems with.

However I don’t feel that the group is necessary for most facets of taking care of personal fitness. A person that is motivated is going to do it whether or not there is a person yelling at you to complete that last rep. Yes I know some of you will say that having somebody there to get you to complete whatever movement you are doing is essential and I beg to differ.

You want it? You will find a way to do it, END OF STORY.

Remember set goals and stick to them, that is what helped me a lot and I mean by setting realistic goals and taking baby steps to get where you are going.


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