Crossfit foundations class is complete!

I am now officially ready to begin Crossfit training without being handheld!
I am both excited and anxious to start my first week of workouts beginning tomorrow. The plan is to hit they gym three times a week before work and see how the body feels. It will just be a matter of getting to bed early and getting up early for 5:30 AM workouts, brutal!
The Olympics lifts are the only piece that I have learned so far that worry me a little as I have very little experience with these as I tended to avoid them in my earlier days as that was what the big, fat stinky power lifters did! Just kidding guys but you have to admit that A LOT of power lifters you see in the gym tend to be short, round and how shall I say it…stout.
Tomorrow here I come. I hope I don’t puke my guts out during or after the WOD!


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