I have made the decision(finally!) to get serious with Crossfit. The last two years and the injuries I have incurred have made me realize that I have become too specialized in my exercise regime. I love cycling and am not stopping but need more variety in order to become more fit for it and overall. The gym I started at, Alpine Crossfit, requires you to take their Foundation class which basically shows you the basic movements which you must master before they let you loose in the gym. This makes sense as in my younger days when I lifted a lot I stayed away from the Olympics movements and all the herking and jerking around. Well now I get to master them as I do not want to jack myself up and they will help improve my overall fitness. It is definitely going to take some practice but I am enjoying it and am definitely feeling muscles I have not used in a long time letting me know that they are a little sore from the work.
More to come in later posts šŸ˜‰


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