Cyclist vs. pavement

This past Sunday the ride started off well enough for the four of us. We headed out of west Arvada and up to Golden Gate Canyon to do a bit of climbing to the Peak to Peak highway then back down Coal Creek Canyon. Well that was the plan at least. We lost one guy not two miles up the canyon – just a guess but I think the booze he reeked of had something to do with it. The second guy popped off not much later, so much for a group ride up.

Now there were just two of us to work our way up. I know from experience that if you are not feeling good it is better to back off and not try to kill yourself if you are not feeling it. I learned that one the hard way this year when I messed up my back and healed from that yet still have issues with my hips. Arthritis at forty-one is not a good thing!

The two of us hit the climb at a good pace, nothing crazy but a good steady tempo we could talk at as we warmed up and really got into a good rhythm. Before long the other two riders were a distant memory. The sun kept beating down on u with no respite. When we could stop in the vain hope our missing man would pull around a corner we were cooked as there was no breeze at all.

After reaching the top of the second climb we waited for a good twenty minutes before giving up home and headed down to make sure everyone was OK. Two-thirds of the way down we caught our straggler and proceeded to canyon carve down to the bottom. This is where it got interesting. About two miles from the bottom we took a corner at about 30mph, as I cruised through I heard a BANG and a POP as I looked back our straggler slid into the concrete barrier that kept him from going over the edge! We quickly stopped and checked on him and found a serious case of road rash and a little wobbly from the crash. No surprise there. Before long we had sheriffs, ambulances, fire trucks and park rangers helping us out.

WORD TO THE WISE – Don’t ride past your limits and shit happens!

Be safe


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