My first pen review

I just received my first pen to review from, a Stabilo Point 88 fineline marker in orange. I am glad that I was selected to review a pen for them and hope to do my best.

A little history about pens and myself as when my wife saw the package from JetPens I am sure she was thinking, “Another pen? When does it end?” Once I explained things to her then all was better. Now onto the pen review.

When I first picked up the Stabilo it felt as light, as light as a feather. It is also a long pen but once you begin to write with it then it all comes together and does its job well. The pen looks your your standard number two pencil if anyone remembers those or even uses them anymore.

Once I got down to writing with it I realized that this is a pen for artists. It has a metal tip that keeps things stiff when you are sketching and writing. I used a Black n’ Red notebook for most of my “testing” purposes and the two got along well. The color pops on the page and the writing action is smooth. When you have as many pens as I do you realize that certain pens and paper types play well together and these two are an excellent match.

Overall this is a great pen that artists could put to good use as they come is a number of different colors and perform well, especially for the price point.


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