Lazy man’s training tool

So I have been using Strava on my phone to track workouts. I have to say it is nice and easy to use, especially for a lazy person like me who wants to write everything on paper but then has a hell of a time finding data later on when I need it.

Now a number of Denver 38 teammates are using it and we now refer to it as “segment hunting.” Now this has both good and bad connotations – good in that it tracks you on “segments” that have been defined by yourself or someone else so that you can see how well you have done. It is bad in that if I am heading out on a planned easy ride and know there is a segment coming up where I want to improve my time, well I want to hammer it. This is something that I need to work on. It is like when you go out for an “easy ride” with a group of people and it becomes a hammer fest for random sprints.

Overall it is an excellent tool for anyone who has a smart phone as I don’t have to go out and buy a Garmin 500 to do the same thing. The last thing I need it more gadgets!


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