Bike fit

Yesterday I was able to pick up my bike from the shop after a full tune, which it needed in a bad way. The guys at Schwab Cycles did a great job! Thank you Bruce and Walt for a job well done. It seems all my shifting problems were due to the chain that was only two years old that had some stiff links which was causing all the problems.. Am I really that hard on equipment? I have been known to burn through bottom brackets but chains? Oh well I stepped up and had them put the Record chain on which is lighter, yeah!

Note to self and all others: They weighed the Roubaix for me and it is a tank (for a race bike)! 19 pounds to be exact. I did not think it was that heavy and I am sure the Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels aren’t helping things but 19 pounds? Geez! Time to get a lighter race bike. Any suggestions on what to get?


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