Another fallen soldier

Yesterday a man was killed by a hit and run driver!#^!%! You can read the story here. Come on people if you hit somebody or something then please stop and make sure you set things right. This man was minding his own business riding his bike and who knows what happened at this point since there are no witnesses but I have an idea of what might have happened.

  1. The driver was texting and not paying attention to the job at hand of driving a two ton vehicle that serves as a weapon when you have a dummy behind the wheel.
  2. Someone was way too aggressive because there was a cyclist on the road and decided to mess with them a little…if I just get a little closer I will put a scare into that guy! He should be on the sidewalk anyways.
  3. Plain and simply put the person was a sh!tty driver and not paying attention.

It still does not excuse the person that did this no matter what the circumstances. YOU KILLED A HUMAN BEING! Watch where you are going and what you are doing. PAY ATTENTION TO THE JOB AT HAND AND ONLY THAT!


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