2011 Lookout climb PR

The smack talk has officially begun among the team. Mac, Kelly and I met to head up the Lookout Mountain climb as there is a ‘race’ up is this weekend. An uphill sprint, not my idea of a good time for 4.7 miles. We rode up partway as a warmup then zoomed back down to start like you would in the race. We are lining up and I told them, “See you guys at top!”

I know my limits and I am not going to beat either of these guys to the top. I managed to stay with them (tongue hanging out) for about a mile, maybe a bit less then the side aches started kicking in. I need to get that checked out, I must have exercise-induced asthma or something like that. Yet another item to add to the list of questions to ask the doc in a couple of weeks. I am in decent shape yet these things have been killing me when I really push it and I have not had this problem before. I mean, am I pushing it that hard or just really out of shape? I think I am in decent shape right now so something else must be going on.



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