The Koppenburg!

I did it and signed up for the Koppenburg race in Superior. It should be an interesting race as about half is on the road and half is on the dirt. Looks like the climb, on dirt, is pretty brutal, which means everyone will be fighting to be at the front is my guess (lots of elbows…). If you watch the video they have on the site the road looks like a cross between a 4WD track and a cow/horse trail. Leo and I will be doing it as nobody else from the team wants to do it for some reason. We have a name for you guys, just kidding 😉



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2 responses to “The Koppenburg!

  1. Fun to find another bike blogger that I actually know! I was curious about the Koppenburg – is it fun, or will I curse my decision? Thinking about it as an early season race. I’m also trying to get my training plan in order; going by the Cyclist’s Training Bible. Any hints/tips?