I did it this morning! I got out of bed and 5Am and hit the road, in new shoes no less! The other ones are toast from the past year, obviously. Luckily it was about 40 degrees out so more than doable with a hat and gloves. It felt good to get out and get the day started with a bit of exercise. I just got back from hitting the gym also(lunch).

I don’t think I will ever have a “Schleckian” physique. My body is just not built that way nor am I a bike racer who lets their upper body atrophy because it will buy them a few seconds. I am pragmatic, meaning that 2011 will be my first year of racing and I plan to be competitive to the best of my physical and mental abilities. Being a stick figure isn’t going to help with my goals. If I go down in a criterium I want that muscle mass protecting my neck/head, etc from injuries and not dealing with numerous broken bones because I am a stick figure.


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