2011 Goals/Accomplishments

As soon as I get over this sickness the training begins in earnest. 2009 and 2010 need to be taken off the books as far as cycling, running and fitness go. 2011 will NOT be the year of me being lazy, that’s for sure. In the process of setting goals I am getting things narrowed down:

  • To keep cycling the whole year and WANT to keep cycling all year
  • Be competitive in CAT 4 races with the Black Key Bulls cycling team
  • Finish on the podium on at least one race
  • Prepare myself physically and especially mentally for competitive racing

I realize that the body will not hold up forever and I have to take care of what I have. Yes I have been slacking the last few years and I have no excuses(maybe two…) 1) getting old and 2) being lazy 😉 That is beside the fact you either do or do not do. That is it.


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