Week 3 begins

Yes it is week 3 already and where do I sit? Well last week was mostly a wash as I was off most of the time and ended up working on the house. You know painting and all that fun stuff. Back at the gym yesterday and rode the trainer this morning. Everybody knows how much fun the trainer is at 5AM in the basement, sans movie, boring. It’s not like you can get comfortable and read for long periods. That would be nice to kill both of those birds with one stone but I digress.

I have decided that I need extra motivation and goals. Yes I know that sounds obvious but to someone who has been pretty lazy the past two years it is needed. Physically I know that I can do certain things yet mentally…well not so much. I remember one of those training races I did last year. I think it was the second to last one. About nine laps in I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Now that is a problem. Positive thinking, mental preparation, whatever it is called I need some of it.


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