About "Deer hunting with Jesus"

Well I stumbled upon this gentlemen last week, Joe Bageant, and have begun reading his book. It definitely gives a different perspective, a rather harsh one about what is going on in our country these days. I especially like the part on “white trashonomics” and how an ill-educated American populace, or rather a large part of it, bought/still buys into the current neocon agenda of protecting our “national interests” while supporting the same political party that keeps outsourcing their jobs and putting them under a mountain of debt. It would solve a lot of problems in the world if people were educated and I don’t mean some fancy degree but knowing about the history of their country and the human race so they can see that it works in cycles and right now we are in a cycle of fear. This fear feeds upon itself and makes for a paranoid populace which forces people to look for some “higher authority” who will save them and protect them…mommy and daddy around now?


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