Vette update

At rest

YES! The red devil is back on the road, or as my daughter calls it – Betty. I think that is an appropriate name considering the car’s era and sexiness factor. I put the Corvette back on the road last Thursday and it is doing well. It needs a few tanks of gas run through it before I fiddle with the tuning anymore. It did get a minor tune while at the shop since they replaced the rotten fuel tank, flushed out the fuel lines, replaced the fuel pump and rebuilt the carburetor. Speaking of which it has been a while since I have driven a carbureted car and I am TOTALLY spoiled by fuel injection. Just getting the beast started is a process and then keeping it running for those first thirty seconds or so is a PAIN!

Otherwise after eighty miles or so things are holding well together and are what I expected. It goes like stink, your ass is about four inches off the ground and it feels like you are sitting in a hole looking up at the sun and it rides like a seventies sports car – rough.

Just checking things out

Just checking things out

Tomorrow I plan to get some more miles on it as the new tires need to be scrubbed in along with finding out any issues that might arise which is a good possibility since the car has been sitting for so long although I did find out that it was totally rebuilt from the ground up at 48K.

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02/10/2014 · 14:20

Crossfit Open

I suck!

 Prospect Crossfit standings

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Simpler is better

It seems like such an innocuous title but there is so much more to it. In todays world it seems we have more distractions than ever and even activities that used to be simple now take an inordinate amount of time to setup because of the technicality of our everyday life.

My take over the past few years is that simpler is better. The term that is battered about a lot – KISS(Keep it simple stupid) is there for a reason – because it works. These days seems like many try to baffle you with BS and their liberal usage of the latest terms they read on Facebook or a magazine. Do they know what those works mean much of the time? I doubt it after many discussions. It reminds me of a history professor I had and when we had debates and there were always certain kids who liked to throw around large words you had rarely, if ever, heard of before that. They would come up and pretty much the whole class would just be line what? That’s when he would swoop in and ask them what they meant by their usage and the definition of the word. BOOM! I think he received fewer answers than you would think.

Which leads us to close with another term – think before you open to your mouth.

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’73 Update

Now that the car has been at the shop a few weeks things are getting knocked out to make it streetable/reliable

Right now the following have been done:

  • New brake calipers and pads on all four corners
  • New master brake cylinder

Coming soon

  • New gas tank and sending unit
  • Rebuilt carburetor
  • Tires!

I am itching to get this thing on the road before snow hits here as I think winter will be starting a bit early this year.


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My next project…a 1973 Corvette

Yes a bright red corvette for that matter, something I never expected to stumble upon but I have and it will be sitting in my garage soon. Instead of getting it and then spending the next two years getting it running I am going to have it gone over by a corvette shop to get it on the street then I will take care of the rest.


On the way to the shop

Miglia red basassery

C3 front

First order of business is new tires as the vette has been sitting for six plus years without a thing being done to it, it was started for the first time last weekend by me. Needless to say it idled rough and had to be coaxed along to stay running at anything past idle speed.

Remember when you were a kid, cars still had carburetors and you had to “feather” the gas? Yup that is what I am talking about. A little nostalgia never hurt anyone.


08/08/2014 · 12:45

Back in the saddle

Just like it says – today was the first time in over a month where my ass was on my road bike for all of fifteen miles. It doesn’t sound like much but between the back issues and busted up ribs over the past six weeks this is a move in the right direction. I think you would call it progress.

Now there was no hauling ass today, just a cruise around Lakewood and Denver. On my travels through a hipster neighborhood – the Highlands in Denver, I came across an interesting gym – CrossFit Cuspis. I ended up talking to Spencer who was manning a laptop by the door, actually I was surprised to see a CrossFit gym open in the middle of the day. Usually they are open in the AM for the crack of morning crowd and then the after work crowd. Any who looks like they might be a good place to get a lunch workout in and work on my rusty CrossFit skill repertoire.

This weekend there is a CrossFit workout lined up for me but that will be done on my own in order to not look like a bumbling uncoordinated fool among hardcore CrossFitters.


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The hurt – over forty now

The last two months have been troublesome to say the least, hurt one area and it affects so many others.

First I received a good bruising on my rib cage which kept me from doing pretty much anything. As a consequence of that my back decided that it wanted to act up after a short bike ride and knocking some tasks off the honey-do list. When it acted up that was the worst it has felt since I originally injured it. Now two weeks after the back spasms and intense pain I am functional, maybe at eighty percent capacity.

Lots of work to do the next month if I plan on surviving the mountain bike trip in August with my brothers and friends. Getting old is not for wussies!

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